Vector School Fans On The Meaning Of ‘Fasting’

Vector tha Viper schooled fans on the meaning of fasting after a fan begged him money to break his fast.


A fan had asked Vector to send him money so he could use it to break his fast to which Vector scolded him saying if that was why he is fasting and that Allah knew his pocket.

The fan explained saying he asked Vector money because he believed that God will use Vector to help him.

This exchange between them led to some other fans scolding Vector on his reply to the fan begging him for money. Some saying that if he doesn’t want to help, he should have said so instead of scolding the fan.

Vector replying to their reprimands said that Fasting shouldn’t be a reason to seek Financial aids and that fasting between the person fasting and their God.

However, the fan was able to receive aid from another fan of Vector who sent him five thousand Naira.

When the fan thanked Vector that viper despite everything that went down, Vector explained why he berated him.

He replied the fan with,
Blessings champ, but here is where your act got me off. The spiritual meditation moment you are observing is between you and God. You are on a social media platform that has greedy people. Like, there are people claiming suicide for money. We grow together in understanding.”

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