“There’s no coming back again o!” Speed Darlington Mocks Tunde Ednut;


Theres no coming back again o Speed Darlington Mocks Tunde Ednut

Speed Darlinton is mocking Tunde Ednut over loosing his Instagram account which had huge followers of over 2.7 million real people.

After Instagram deactivated Tunde Ednut account on their platform, his fans have reacted calling Instragrm to reactivate their icon’s acount for them.

Netizens are aware of the beef raging between Speed Darlinton and Tunde Ednut or atleast, thy know the two are not in good terms at all.

Life Na chuku chuku,” Speedy said as he mocked the Tunde Ednut on Instagram.

Mr Darlington has also been a victim of suspended accounts. Over nine accounts belonging to the singer has been deactivated. He bragged saying he had battled them over and over again to maintain an account.

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