Nigerians to use VPN as a network provider over Twitter’s operation suspension in Nigeria


Following Twitter’s operation suspension by the Nigerian government, Nigerians seem to have found another medium to operate Twitter.

They have ridged out a network providing platforms known famously as visual private network VPN which works with IP address.

alttagNigerians to use VPN as a network provider over Twitters operation suspension in Nigeria

The platforms pick multiple country’s IP address and provide them to users around the whole globe. This makes it possible for Nigerians to operate Twitter despite being banned from the Nigerian internet space.

It will help connect any user to other country’s IP address. This implies that_ you can use Twitter as if you’re in your selected country without restriction.

However, multiple sources and grumbles have confirmed that it’s still boring following how it doesn’t show media and links.

VPN also will help hide your internet identity and information which makes it very difficult for opposes to track down the Nigerian current VPN connection.

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