[Music] Yung Emam – Manzon Allah


Yung emam is an upcoming Islamic HAUSA hip-hop artist from northern Nigeria and he start composing his First project by introducing him self with a very amazing track Title MANZON ALLAH Means Messager of Almighty God that’s prophet MUHAMMAD SALLAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

And he dedicate the song/Nasheed to the prophet MUHAMMAD SALLAllahu alaihi wa sallam and he use the opportunity to remind his brothers and sisters that month of (RABI’UL AUWAL) is the birthmonth of the holy prophet.

He also praise the prophet with his language that’s HAUSA.

Check his social media handles for more informations.

Instagram @iamyoungimam

Twitter @iamyoungimam

Snapchat @iamyoungimam

Facebook @young imam

Keep calm and Grab the audio blow



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