Deezell Reaction At Mr 442 New Project (See Tweets)

Deezell React To Mr 442 - Kanin petir yiyi 2-0 (See Tweets)

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One of the most dominant Northern (Arewa) music act Deezell expressed his feelings on rapper and singer Mr 442 as he his set to drop a new censure project leveled at him, after earlier released of Kanin petir now set drop Kanin petir yiyi 2-0

The criticism mr 442 aimed at Deezeell seams to be trash-talking Real Salt Lake is misguided

How ever fans subjects Deezell has no time for diss which a fan came up with a sayings bellow:

See tweets below

“When you’re street, you’re street OoO! You can take the boy out of the street, but you can never take the street out of him diss are for kids like those who use calculator name but can’t calculate”

alttagDeezell Reaction At Mr 442 New Project See Tweets

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